Skywheelin yhteisliput Sealife Helsinkiin ja Flying Cinemaan lipunmyynnistämme!


Experience two top attractions in Helsinki with just one ticket! Skywheel and SEA LIFE are now offering a joint ticket that entitles you to a single visit to Skywheel and SEA LIFE. The price of the joint ticket is 18 € (normally 26 € for both attractions) and it is valid until 31.12.2019.

Joint tickets are sold at the tickets sales of both Skywheel and SEA LIFE and in the SEA LIFE web store www.sealifeshop.fi.


With Skywheel's and Flying Cinema Tour's joint ticket you can see the whole Helsinki in just under 25 minutes! The price of the combination ticket is 20 € (normally 24 € for both) and it entitles you to visit both Skywheel and Flying Cinema Tour during the same day.

Joint tickets are sold at Flying Cinema Tour's web store www.flyingcinematour.com and at the tickets sales of both Skywheel and Flying Cinema Tour. This opportunity you don't want to miss!


Skywheel on avoinna ympärivuotisesti!


Skywheel is open year round and our climate controlled gondolas make your experience enjoyable during winter time also. Our opening ours are updated to the front page of our website. Warm welcome!